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Rear Sensor is Kaput

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Rear Sensor is Kaput Empty Rear Sensor is Kaput

Post by fofi7 on 2013-11-20, 8:00 am

After sending my car for a wash, its rear sensor is not functioning well while doing reverse parking...its just gives out the alarm noise even though there's no car or anything at the back...planning to send it to a Ford Service Centre to do checking and hopefully fix it...Do I need to pay for its service and repairment or is it under warranty?? I bought my fiesta sedan last december...

Please Advise

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Rear Sensor is Kaput Empty Re: Rear Sensor is Kaput

Post by deladela on 2013-11-20, 4:56 pm

Hi, I think it is covered under warranty as long as you have not tampered with the electronics. Do have a check with SDAC PJ tho. But I am preety sure that you will not have to fork out any money. Very Happy 

P.S do try and wipe your rear sensors as there might be something covering it, hence it detects something behind.
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