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Dual clutch problem!!!

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Dual clutch problem!!! Empty Dual clutch problem!!!

Post by Cilikering 2015-10-16, 4:23 pm

Hi All..

I'm having problem with the dual clutch, keeps on jerking every time at low gear Mad ..uphill..slowing down at a junction..even the whole car shakes! Sad Sad Sad Mad Mad Mad Mad  I have already change the clutch 4x times!! but i still have jerking issue! Today SC reset the program only! which they have done previously on my recent 80K service! Sedih laaaaaa i love my fofie but it keeps on jerking! I dunt even dare to drive it to genting!

Anyone having the same problem like me? any clue what to do? HELPPPPPPPPP Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

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