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Gearbox oil leak

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Gearbox oil leak Empty Gearbox oil leak

Post by ayubom 2012-07-03, 2:45 pm

Hi! All,

Just to share. A few weeks after sending my 1.6 hb for the 1st service, found out theres a small leak underneath the gearbox tranny. True enough, confirm by the mechanic at Century Legion Sdn Bhd, Johor Jaya. Until parts and the tools arrive, they are to monitor the leakage once a week and do a top-up. And this is the 2nd small top-up. Any of you guys having the same situation as I am?


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Gearbox oil leak Empty Re: Gearbox oil leak

Post by aku_kurt 2012-07-03, 3:14 pm

I had the same problem b4. Left my baby for about a week at the SC to fix the seal (tats what they said). So far it's ok.. Cool
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