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Post by Founder 2011-02-25, 6:15 pm

Dear FCM Members,

Firstly, FCM would like to thank you for your support. FCM aims to provide every member with the resources and services to make your stay enjoyable and beneficial. However, as you can imagine, running a forum takes up a lot of time let alone finances and resources. This is where FCM requires your help. FCM relies on your generosity to keep this Club Forum up and running. There is no set minimum or maximum donation - FCM simply asks that if you would like to make a donation, you may send however much you feel is right. However please bear in mind that it is "not compulsory" to make a donation as there are "no obligations". Every donation will be directly contributed to the up keeping and maintenance of FCM.

To donate kindly contact FCM at 016-2833 988 or you may make a transfer to:
MAYBANK 114767070800 (Lim Teck Sheng)

Jason Lim

Yours Sincerely
FCM Founder and Creator

FCM Founder
FCM Founder

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