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Follow me Home function

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Follow me Home function Empty Follow me Home function

Post by k9ight 2012-06-26, 10:55 pm

It looks kinda cold here. Hope I could get some experience fifo user here to help out on the "Follow Me home" Function.

My current Fofi Sedan, whenever I unlock my car, my foglamp will turn on. I tot supposingly when I lock it should turn on isn't it?? Mind to share how to do the settings if I want to turn off my current "Unlock light on" situation to "Lock Lights on".

I'm affraid when long run, my car may die out of batteries as the light never turn off until I start the engine or lock the doors.

Help Help!!! sunny sunny sunny

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Follow me Home function Empty Re: Follow me Home function

Post by zanness 2012-06-27, 7:59 am

genius... when the lights turn on.. press the central locking and ur lights will eventually turn off.

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