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Snatch thief dies - good riddance

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Snatch thief dies - good riddance Empty Snatch thief dies - good riddance

Post by Torque 2011-02-25, 1:11 pm

News and pic from the star.

i say good riddance to the bastard who is too damn lazy to find a job and goes around robbing people, i hope the other snatch thief dies also...

useless scum like them only waste precious oxygen in this world.

Snatch thief dies - good riddance Attachment

A very gory end for snatch thief

KUALA LUMPUR: It was a gory end for a snatch thief who died with his private parts severed in a collision at Ampang Jaya here between his getaway motorcycle and the victim’s car.

The police and passers-by found the body of the 35-year-old suspect in a drain, with his penis almost crushed and detached from his body. His pants had been ripped from his body in the accident.

His accomplice, who was riding pillion, suffered body injuries.

The incident happened soon after the 28-year-old victim was locking the gate to leave her home in Taman Mega Jaya in Ampang at around 8.30am yesterday. She had left the bag in her Toyota Vios, while the car engine was on.

A man suddenly appeared, opened the car door and snatched the bag. The woman tried to fight back but was kicked in the abdomen.

Ampang Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Amirruddin Jamaluddin said the woman then got into her car and gave chase before blocking them.

The two men were caught off-guard and rammed right into the victim’s car resulting in both of them being flung from the machine. The accident occurred about 200m from the woman’s house.
The snatch theft victim was not hurt in the incident.

ACP Amiruddin also said both men had valid driving licences but the motorcycle they were using was reported stolen.

Police are investigating if the suspects were involved in other criminal activities in the district.

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Snatch thief dies - good riddance Empty Re: Snatch thief dies - good riddance

Post by RavenX7 2011-02-26, 5:40 pm

Kudos to the lady who fought back! Not only she recovered her belongings but also help us get rid of 2 pests! Cool

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