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My FoFi is now Purring / Humming

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My FoFi is now Purring / Humming Empty My FoFi is now Purring / Humming

Post by clchee on 2013-03-29, 1:04 pm


I'm hoping to get some advice on a wiered purring / humming sound discovered recently.

Aside from the the usual clicking / grinding gearbox sound (which I've gotten used to),
a couple of weeks back I started getting this unusual noice when I accelerate from standstill.

It is also noticeable when I let the car roll downhill but only in "D" position.

It is most obvious in between gearshifts with RPM +/- 2000. However, disappears at higher speeds.

I've also reported it to SDAC and had it checked, but was told they did not hear anything unusual and it's normal !!

Below are some recordings.

Voice 010_Stream1.mp3
Voice 013_Stream1.mp3
Voice 014_Stream1.mp3

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My FoFi is now Purring / Humming Empty Re: My FoFi is now Purring / Humming

Post by dares on 2013-03-29, 1:56 pm

Based on my experience with other cars, it may be your compressor or alternator
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