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Front Bumper Paint Peeled Off

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Front Bumper Paint Peeled Off Empty Front Bumper Paint Peeled Off

Post by moolastrikes on 2012-08-09, 10:39 am

Hi guys, do you encounter this before? My car is almost one month old and the paint at right side of the front bumper is peeled off. Its size is small and not that noticeable since my car is aurora blue and the undercoat is black.

Is it covered under warranty? I was thinking to call up my SA to talk about it.

Other than this, I'm having fun driving my fiesta, odometer at 1570KM, engine is peppy, gearbox is great (somehow the gearbox and I had some sort of understanding as time goes Smile ), handling is superb and how i love the steering feel at occasional late-night high speed cruise (but not now since the Autonomous Enforcement System is getting setup)!

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Front Bumper Paint Peeled Off Empty Re: Front Bumper Paint Peeled Off

Post by Dias on 2012-08-10, 10:42 pm

Just speculation on my part since there's no pic but if it looks like a dot-shaped peel, could be due to stone chipping.
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